The Voice is the most elementary tool of expression, art and communication.

Our voice is bound to our breathing and our body from the first moment. It makes experiences and feelings audible.
In singing, the expression reaches much higher/deeper levels than in speaking, individually in dynamic and color of tone.
If this instrument of communication and expression is suppressed, we hinder and suppress not only our singing-related breath and our apparatus of motion, but also a large part of our being.

We have by nature a singing voice and therefore we have to sing!
"Only through singing can we achieve full breathing!" (Dr. J. Parow)

Culture, upbringing and environment determine personal development - how one has to be - and as a result of this, influence voice and body performance. The voice gets rated and put into subcategories in value. We make ourselves be comfortable to others - we keep quiet and show no emotions - everything is planned...
Lucky are those who have kept their singing active, even if criticism and adapting are constant companions, be it from the side of the listener or the singers themselves. The constant evaluation throughout a professional singers´ career makes it more difficult for the singer to use his or her nature-given voice. Especially if it was concealed and kept in the closet in early childhood, or if the singing voice was rarely or never used.
How can singing be art if the natural preconditions of voice and body do not properly interact anymore? We are inventive and we make up new "techniques" and "insights" and try to trick nature, knowingly or unknowingly. This may seem effective and may even produce interesting sounds and actually be considered artistic singing. Vocal malfunctions, not only showing in the voice apparatus, but also in incorrect breathing, physical disorders or even psychological disorders.
My mission statement is to accompany singers on their way to find themselves and their original, natural voice, so that they can learn, experience and recognize the power of the nature-given voice as a basis for vocal arts and in vocal arts.