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General subjects of instruction

breath and posture:
functional breathing technique by Dr.Parow, relaxing techniques for the body and thereby the effect on voice room and sound/timbre

Singing technique:
individual development of the personal voice material

Diction and development of timbre/sound:
function of the tongue with its effect on vowels and consonants and thereby the influence on articulation and sound quality

Casting training:
practical instructions and exercises for questions on personal presentation, individual analysis, helping with problems in "singing technique", nervousness, short breathing, advice in choice of literature and solorepetition

Reperteoire from lied, opera, oratorio:
Interpretation and solorepetition, international usage in singing, style
Additional contents in workshops and masterclasses

Physical exercises for stage:
Movement and music - tension and relaxation as well as thereby the effect on breath, "voice flow" and presence

Scenic work:
Acquiring of different chosen opera-arias and -scenes in original languages; coaching for body language and stage presence

Final concerts:
If recquired by the students making of a common concert program as a conclusion of a workshop or a masterclass

Special themes
Workshop "VoicePictures"
Workshop "VoiceBody"
Workshop "ClassicImprovisations"